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The Commodification of IT Support

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Too many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) struggle with their IT Support tolerating the same issues thinking there is nothing better out there.

  • Response time is much too long and often unpredictable

  • Red tape, service tickets and procedures get in the way

  • Efficiency is not part of the IT model that bundles other services, such as project management and account management; many issues come back

  • There is no local support; everything is remote and that misses the big picture

It’s easy to believe that all IT Support companies are the same, to one degree or another. For the most part, most IT companies do offer the same services, fix an IT issue and move on to the next problem.

So, what is it that makes one IT company different from another? From our perspective, it’s the White Glove!

Like many things that begin with a literal interpretation, the idea of “White Glove” service started when workers wore white gloves to protect whatever passed through their hands. This included everything from tradesmen to waiters. Today, the term has expanded to mean service that is “personalized and delivered with special care and attention”. When it comes to IT Service and Support, we see the industry moving away from White Glove service and more toward a commoditized model where IT service is relatively indistinguishable among the big companies offering it. Support is limited to remote-only, technicians rarely know their customers and troubleshooting follows a script that isn't specific to the business or sector getting the support.

How is the SMB community responding? More SMB are refusing to tolerate the “cookie cutter” approach to IT Support and Service, realizing bigger is not better and personalized, on-site attention is non-negotiable. The reactive posture of fixing an issue as fast as possible without seeing the big picture costs time, money and productivity overall. The move to White Glove service is growing. Roark Tech Services serves the SMB community exclusively and limits the number of clients it takes on, carefully selecting only those that guarantee our ability to supply unmatched quality, performance-focused, fit-for-purpose solutions with White Glove service. The personal relationships we set up are considered an essential part of the White Glove service we offer.

Yes, we are smaller, but nimble. Roark Tech Services has a team of long-serving technicians with a broad skill set, levels of ability and experience with different technologies. With a cohesive team working together over many years, the result is an elevated level of customer service that spans a wider range of technology solutions. We believe when the IT team is familiar with a business setup it can resolve problems faster and consider the unintended consequences of any solutions deployed. Loyalty to each other, to clients and to customer service is the hallmark of our high performing IT team.

Comprehensive Service Offering Roark Tech Services offers a suite of services that keep a small business efficient, safe and competitive, offering best in class solutions:

End-To-End Cybersecurity Right now, with so much instability in the geopolitical arena, cybersecurity must remain a priority for every small and medium-sized business, no matter the sector or revenue level. Technological knowledge and the resources to implement robust security measures, including administrative, physical and technology driven, are a large part of a robust cybersecurity plan. Small businesses must stay vigilant and recognize that an attack can happen at any time, to anyone. The most common denominator among these attacks is weak security safeguards.

What About Cost?

When it comes to IT Support and Service, you get what you pay for. Not all companies believe they can afford White Glove Service, but it’s not as expensive as having a faulty IT setup that constantly requires fixing and is unsecured. Ultra-low-cost tech support, usually remote only, is possible, but this is a telltale sign that profits, not comprehensive service, is the driving force. Typically, these inexpensive models don’t support hiring and keeping premier technicians, capable of offering White Glove support with a work ethic to back it up.

A Competitive Edge At Roark Tech Services we believe an IT company that understands how a business runs, what the needs are and instills a personal relationship offers a competitive edge. Roark Tech Services goes beyond the usual range of services offered by IT companies – we pride ourselves on our customer service and keeping your business and its goals in mind.


If you’re tired of the cookie cutter approach to IT Support and refuse to tolerate protracted response times, red tape and inefficiencies, then contact us. We’d love to help. Roark Tech Services offers personalized technology services and support exclusively for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

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