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Using All The Tools In The SMB Toolbox: Owner Representative

At one point or another, every small and medium-sized business (SMB) reaches a tipping point in their growth when it becomes clear that it’s time to bring in an expert. This actualization is a sign of business maturity. Once the expert is in place, the focus on business delivery not only returns, but increases significantly. Think about the change in business operation once the accountant, attorney and/or office manager took on their respective roles for the business. For some, it’s a game changer.

All SMB must keep a focus on the next level of revenue, operation, and risk. When the CEO and/or the COO are distracted by bookkeeping, marketing, IT, human resources, and other pillars that hold up a healthy business, the focus on clients, operation and risk is sacrificed.

Seasoned business owners know when it’s time to use another tool from the toolbox.

One of the most important tools any SMB can employ is an IT Owner Representative. While IT may run fine, it is a full-time job to keep up with cybersecurity threats, infrastructure monitoring, patching and employee issues.

When an unusual event occurs in the lifecycle of a business that involves IT, such as a move to a new office, the introduction of a new platform, a cybersecurity event or a business continuity incident, pushing the extra work to the IT team may seem like the logical choice, since it’s in their domain anyway, but it’s not always the best choice, especially when resources are limited as they are in the SMB community. Logically speaking, when something is added to a full plate, something must come off. The spectrum of IT services is not easily cut without consequence, intended or unintended.

Under certain scenarios it makes sense to bring in an IT Owner Representative that serves as the business deputy to the myriad of vendors involved. Using a move to a new office location as an example, which not only requires a fresh IT setup, but also audio visual needs and security, the advantage of an IT Owner’s Representative becomes clear.

The IT Owner’s Representative assumes the responsibility for IT project management for the business, allowing the representative to interact with the various vendors associated with IT, AV and Security to achieve the business goals within the set schedule and budget. This role not only requires an expert level of IT, AV and Security, but also project management, vendor management and communication skills that allow the IT Owner Representative to act, behave and lead according to the company values of those represented, becoming an effective link for all parties working on the move, including designers, consultants, contractors, etc.

The responsibilities of an IT Owner Representative include:

The IT Owner Representative also has the authority to intervene or interrupt the work if a vendor is not adhering to the business requirements.

When an IT Owner Representative is in place, business operations and focus continue undistracted while the activities of the move play out. The business need only communicate with the Owner Representative to understand how things are going, any issues that surface and if the schedule holds true. With this information at the fingertips, normal business operations – including client focus -- can continue without sacrifice to customers.

Not all IT Managed Service Providers offer the IT Owner Representative Service; it requires a skill set that goes well beyond IT infrastructure and support. Roark Tech Services has served as an IT Owner Representative many times in our 25-year history. It’s a service included in our exclusive offering to small and medium-sized businesses.


If your business is considering adding an expert to help manage the next project, we can help. Roark Tech Services maximizes effectiveness during an event that requires dedicated focus.

Roark Tech Services is an expert in fit-for-purpose technology solutions exclusively for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. Always consult with us first.



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