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White Glove
IT Service & Support

Founded in 1998, Roark Tech Services is a boutique technology services firm that provides personalized, white-glove IT solutions to select small and medium-sized businesses. 

IT Support in NYC

White Glove Service 

Roark Tech Services limits the number of clients it takes on, carefully selecting only those that fit our business model and guarantee our ability to supply unmatched quality, performance-focused, fit-for-purpose solutions with superior customer service. 

IT Support in NYC

Competitive Advantage 

All services are designed to keep your business safe, efficient, and competitive. When done right, IT becomes a competitive advantage. One size does not fit all, and solutions should reflect the unique needs of the business. 

IT Support in NYC

Expert Team

Our team includes more than expert technicians. Our experience in the business world, working closely with traders, investment managers, attorneys and portfolio managers allows us the opportunity to add value beyond technology solutions. 

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