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Transitioning To a New Managed IT Service Provider. What Your Small Business Needs to Know

Transitioning from one IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) to another is a meticulous process critical for the seamless continuity of operations within an organization. This is a complex transition that Roark Tech Services has navigated many times. It involves several stages and requires strategic planning, thorough assessment, knowledge transfer and effective execution to minimize disruptions.

Nobody likes a breakup, but we find honesty is the best policy. The outgoing MSP is an essential part of the transition process on the critical path to success. In our experience, most MSPs remain professional and help with the transition, but they may not volunteer certain information. This is why the kind of experience Roark Tech Services has is extremely important. Knowing the right questions to ask, especially about certain requirements, limitations, or quirks about the IT environment is essential toward avoiding surprises. The help and guidance of the outgoing MSP often proves invaluable in making the switch.

Today’s post presents an outline of how Roark Tech Services successfully manages the transition from an ineffective MSP to us.


Identify Reasons for Change

Before starting the transition, it’s essential we clearly understand the shortcomings or reasons driving the shift from the current MSP. Common reasons often include inadequate service levels, response times, scalability issues, cost inefficiencies, and/or technology expertise gaps.

Define Goals and Requirements

From the very start, Roark Tech Services sets up clear goals and expectations. This involves defining service-level requirements, compliance needs, specific technologies, and support expectations crucial for the organization's operations. These requirements differ from sector to sector and company to company; therefore, it is critical to get this right.

Audit Current Infrastructure

Roark Tech Services always conducts a comprehensive audit of the existing IT infrastructure, including locations, hardware, software, configurations, security protocols, policy documents, and service contracts. We not only examine the client’s IT infrastructure, but the data and licensing held by the outgoing MSP as well. We want to understand what’s available, what is needed from the outgoing MSP and what is unknown. This step ensures a thorough understanding of the current state and aids in devising a smooth transition plan.


Define A Bespoke Transition Plan

Roark has a template that incorporates the major milestones of any transition, but since no two companies are alike, we collaborate with the outgoing MSP to create a detailed transition plan encompassing timelines, responsibilities, communication strategies, data migration methodologies, and contingency plans. This transition plan minimizes downtime and ensures a smooth handover of responsibilities.

Conduct KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices) Surveys

These surveys reveal misconceptions or misunderstandings that may represent obstacles to the transition activities and potential barriers to behavior change. Roark uses this information to craft solutions unique to the employee population.

Ensure Payments to the Outgoing MSP are Up to Date

To avoid complications, make sure your bills to the current MSP provider are paid to date. Nothing complicates a switch like trying to negotiate when you have past due bills.


Roark monitors the day-to-day activities while the outgoing MSP continues to provide support to ensure there are no surprises and that any systemic issues are uncovered. Once stabilization is achieved for an agreed period, usually two-to-three weeks, the transition activities can begin.


During this phase, a new service delivery model is developed that includes an understanding of the people, products, partners and processes involved.

Data Migration, Account Migration and Transfer

When all the important aspects of accounts, data repositories, vendors and access permissions are understood, Roark will execute the transition activity plan to ensure the safe and seamless transfer of data from the current MSP’s systems to the new infrastructure. This involves backups, validation processes, and testing to guarantee data integrity. Regular “transition” meetings are held to ask important questions, uncover needed information and ensure through communication with the outgoing MSP.

Testing & Validation

With data, accounts and vendors transitioned, Roark will Initiate a rigorous test of systems, applications, and networks to ensure functionality, performance, and compatibility with the organization’s operations.

Training and Acclimation

Roark Tech Services collaborates with employees to familiarize them with the new systems, tools, and support processes. This could include formal training sessions, one-on-one instruction or informal communications.


Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Once Roark assumes the day-to-day support, we check the performance of services to ensure steady state operations. It is during this phase we find areas for improvement and optimization, ensuring that the services supplied meet or exceed the organization’s needs and expectations.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We encourage feedback from internal stakeholders about the transition process and ongoing services. Roark Tech Services is always implementing continuous improvement strategies based on feedback to enhance the partnership.

Switching from one IT Managed Service Provider to another is a complex yet essential process requiring meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. From the first assessment of needs and infrastructure to the seamless transfer of services and continuous optimization, each phase plays a crucial role in ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum efficiency. By following our structured approach encompassing assessment, selection, planning, implementation, and post-transition evaluation, any small or medium-sized business can successfully navigate this transition, leaning on the expertise of Roark Tech Services’ experience.


Established in 1998, Roark Tech Services is a boutique technology services firm that supplies performance-focused, fit-for-purpose solutions to select organizations. We offer personalized service with a focus on the quality and expertise of the services provided. We offer worry-free IT integration, operation, and protection for small and medium-sized businesses.

If your business is not getting the level of personalized IT Support it needs and is thinking it’s time for a change, call us to understand if our model is a fit for your organization and how we would structure a transition to our services.

Roark Teach Services exclusively offers “white glove”, personalized technology services and support. We are expert in fit-for-purpose technology solutions exclusively for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Always consult with us first.

If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact us.



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