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Proactive Monitoring for Small Businesses

In our continuing quest to provide practical technology advice to small businesses, this week we highlight one of the most important tools in the arsenal, Proactive monitoring. It's also known as “Remote Monitoring” and/or “Remote Management”, but no matter the label, the action is focused on keeping the stability, uptime and security of a small business IT systems. With Proactive IT Monitoring in place, a small business enjoys the peace-of-mind knowing there is constant oversight of networks, computers, routers, switches, firewalls, and much more from a centralized console that alerts the IT team of anything outside normal operating status. The service is non-intrusive, doesn’t interrupt business operations, and keeps IT assets secure and efficient. While a small business may never notice that monitoring is in place, it’s important to know it’s there, much like the smoke alarm in a home; it’s not paid much attention on a day-to-day basis, but knowing it’s there allows peace-of-mind.

A small business benefits from proactive IT monitoring through the value of:

  • Infrastructure optimization

  • Improved reliability and efficiency

  • Increased security for computers, networks, and data

  • Increased return on investment from IT assets

  • Real-Time identification of threats and health of IT infrastructure

  • Rapid remedy of IT issues that, if left unchecked, manifest into larger issues

Security Proactive monitoring finds potential risks and vulnerabilities in real-time. For example, it checks for malware and alerts employees when they click a dangerous link. It could also find compromised systems breached from an outside source.

Reliability Proactive monitoring helps improve the reliability of the company’s IT infrastructure. For example, it finds a device that is malfunctioning before it causes an outage. Monitoring can also alert to critical firmware updates that sometimes have impact on compatibility and reliability.

Efficiency Today’s IT infrastructure is constantly going through changes and updates. Some minor and others major that affect employees’ productivity. A proactive IT monitoring solution helps find these issues before they hurt the productivity of the business.

Troubleshoot Problems Faster Proactive IT monitoring allows IT to address problems at the first signs of malfunctions. This means avoidance of costly interruption. Problems are solved early and within a much shorter timeframe. Maintenance windows are reduced and can remain planned


Roark Tech Services is an expert in Proactive IT Monitoring. We are well positioned to make the best suggestions and recommendations for our clients when it comes to monitoring and staying ahead of issues. Always consult with us first. If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact Us! 



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