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Managed IT Myth #4: All IT Companies Are The Same

If you’re not in IT, it’s easy to believe that all IT companies are the same, to one degree or another. After all, they all do the same thing – offer technology support – and hold much of the same promises:

  • Around-the-clock support

  • Fast response time

  • All-inclusive support plans

  • Expert technicians

  • Opportunity to save money on efficient IT Support

For the most part, IT companies do offer overlapping services, which are fundamental to the trade.

So, what is it that separates one IT company from another?

The first measure of any IT company is the ability to deliver on any promise they make. Even with a limited service offering, making good on promises made, in a consistent, proven fashion, is the first sign of what separates IT companies.

Team Experience and Expertise As with any business, a successful IT company relies on the people that make up the team, all with different skill sets, levels of expertise and experience with different technologies. IT companies that routinely change their senior staff indicate an inability to attract and retain top talent. When a cohesive team is in place and can work together over years, learn from each other and share experiences, the result is an elevated level of customer service that spans a wider range of technology solutions. An IT team that is familiar with a business setup can resolve problems faster and consider the unintended consequences of any solutions deployed. Loyalty to each other, to clients and to customer service are all hallmarks of a high performing IT team.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Some IT companies offer “break/fix” support, meaning they respond to an issue and fix it as fast as possible. This is a reactive posture that does not offer much in terms of preventative measures. Other IT companies offer a greater breadth of services that not only allow preventative solutions but such services as cybersecurity, disaster recovery, security, cloud adoption, and many more. Understanding the range of services and the depth of their ability in each of the offered services is a good sign of what separates one IT company from another.

What About Cybersecurity? Especially now, with so much instability in the geopolitical arena, cybersecurity should remain a priority for every business, no matter the size, sector or revenue level. Technological ability and resources to implement robust security measures, including administrative, physical and technology driven, are a large part of what separate IT companies. Small businesses must stay vigilant and recognize that an attack can happen at any time, to anyone. The most common denominator among these attacks is weak security safeguards. Some IT companies offer rudimentary cybersecurity expertise, basically a refresh of published best practices. More sophisticated IT companies offer comprehensive solutions that complement each other and supply multiple layers of safeguards to mitigate the threat of cybercrime.

Does Price Matter?

The simple answer is yes! Some IT companies look to increase profits by outsourcing remote work to low-cost areas of the world. They use call centers to answer customer requests and supply remote support. This makes ultra-low-cost tech support possible. When a company charges $50 per workstation per month for unlimited support, it’s usually a sign that profits, not comprehensive service is the driving force. Typically, this model does not support hiring and keeping premier technicians, world-class managed service plans, comprehensive solutions and white glove support. IT is like any other professional service. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Are All IT Support Companies the Same? Absolutely not! A business can’t settle for simply generic IT support, not today. An IT company that understands the work you do, what you need from IT, is responsive and comprehensive in its service offering is a competitive edge. Roark Tech Services goes beyond the usual range of services offered by typical IT companies – we take pride in our customer service, keeping business goals in mind and offering white-glove service. So many IT companies have tunnel vision – they just think about keeping the technology running. We understand that real success in IT is achieved when we strategically align business goals with our IT services and solutions.


Roark Tech Services is a dedicated Managed Service Provider exclusively serving the small business community since 1998. We are experts in what we do and are uniquely qualified to help small businesses stay safe & competitive. Always consult with us first. If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact us.



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