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It Helps to Have Help!

An IT Help Desk is a Strategic Advantage

There are many small businesses that have little need for ongoing, comprehensive technology support, but they certainly do need someone reliable to call when a question arises, advice is needed, or an issue pops up. With the growing awareness on cybersecurity and the increasing determination of government to use legislation to incent businesses to protect data, it’s more important than ever to have a knowledgeable, trusted team on call to help navigate the complex terrain of technology and cybersecurity.

Smooth Operations

From a stakeholder perspective, a business with a Help Desk has smoother operations. No matter the type of business -- legal, medical, academic, financial or anything in between – clients, customers and vendors expect a well-oiled machine when they perform business. When that expectation falls short, it brings everything else into question, with no chance to explain. We all know the frustration associated with hearing a customer service representative say, “our systems are down, please call back later”. When a business appears operationally organized, it allows for increased sales, happier customers and loyalty, all important goals for any business. A small business may have the internal talent to react to most IT issues, but it still is good practice to have a team of experts at your disposal, especially if you are charged with protecting client data. A professional opinion on cyber fitness is invaluable when a client decides to conduct due diligence on your operations.

Exceptional Technology = Exceptional Customer Service Good customer service means exceptional, glitch-free IT operations underneath. There are many reasons to subscribe to expert Help Desk services, but among the top are:

Builds Trust. In almost every business, competition is tough. Often, the only thing that keeps your business apart from your competition is your service operation. Offering exceptional, responsive customer service helps build customer trust and creates loyalty.

Increase ROI and Save Money Over Time. Hiring an IT expert is an investment, but this is one investment that will bring about a higher ROI and save on company costs over time. The lost productivity of workers trying to figure out why email isn’t sending is costlier than hiring a team to call who can resolve the issue in no time. When a Help Desk is in place, a business doesn’t need to worry about surprise issues or undetermined down time.

Enhance Overall Security

No matter what type of business you run, data is primary. Every business must not only protect their data – and that of their customers – but take the necessary steps to back it up and ensure it still is always available, especially when a disaster or unforeseen events occur. Phishing scams are more prevalent than ever and all it takes is one employee to make a mistake. A Help Desk is the first line of defense when an issue or suspected cyber breach occurs. The Help Desk team can guide you through the steps needed to evaluate, remediate and address cyber incidents.


A company website is an important introduction to the goods and services your offer. Any prospective client will first view your website to get an impression of your business. When they see outdated information or worse, mistaken information, it's damaging to your reputation and could cost you a new client. Most small businesses don’t make the effort to update their website on a regular basis. Overtime, this means a once fresh look becomes stale. A Help Desk is the perfect solution to make minor updates to your site, such as removing an employee, adjusting the copyright year or updating services offerings.

Embrace New Technologies that Advance Company Goals

Your company may already be aware when it comes to technologies that are suited to your business. Still, a Help Desk can introduce new, more innovative technologies that fit your business and add productivity or a competitive advantage. Since the Help Desk team knows your business and understand the operations, any suggestions are already offered with your business in mind.

Spend Less Time Worrying and More Time Managing

Let’s face it. We all hate headaches that come from having computer issues of any kind. Why keep up the trend? You can bypass technology worries by investing in an IT Help Desk. Let professionals address IT issues so you can focus on crucial internal work, like strategy building and employee management.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits of a Help Desk. Knowing a reliable, knowledgeable team is always at your side to address the broad range of technology solutions that affect your business is invaluable. What your customers see is a well-run company that understands the importance of focusing on their core offering. It makes a statement about the business and shows that customers come first.


Roark Tech Services is the perfect partner for small businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of 24/7 access to skilled technicians. We are experts in what we do and are uniquely qualified to help small businesses stay safe & competitive. Always consult with us first. If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact us.



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