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Year-End Technology Optimization Steps for Small Businesses

As 2023 ends, small businesses must ensure their technology infrastructure is poised for the year-end activities and sets a solid foundation for the upcoming year. A well-prepared technology stack not only streamlines day-to-day operations but also eases smooth financial reporting, and overall business efficiency. Today we highlight the key strategies Roark Tech Services puts in place for our clients to best prepare their technology stack for the year-end.

Review and Update Software and Applications Roark constantly assesses the deployed software and applications used within the business. We figure out if there are alternatives and always ensure the entire technology stack is up to date with the latest versions and security patches. We know outdated software poses security risks and hinders performance, which is why we keep a dedicated maintenance window each month to updates, patches and security plugs.

Data Backup and Security Measures

Roark ensures regular data backups are in place and that the backup systems are functional. We employ broad solutions that include cloud-based repositories for data storage, as they often offer robust security measures and easy accessibility. Additionally, we reinforce cybersecurity measures, update firewalls, and conduct security audits to protect against potential threats during the busy year-end period.

Institute a Year End Technology Freeze

Roark ensures our clients have a robust and reliable technology environment for year-end financial reporting. We may boost resources, rearrange maintenance windows or delay upgrades to make certain nothing interferes with year-end reporting. We call this a year end “freeze”, and it typically occurs in the last two weeks of December. No major changes are allowed, and only critical patches are installed.

Inventory Management and Analysis

December is a suitable time to review the technology inventory (hardware and software) and decide if the components in the technology estate are slated for upgrade in the new year. Roark employs specialized tools for technology inventory that tracks all assets all year long.

A conversation with our clients in December helps find the needs for the new year and benefits that come along with upgraded hardware and software. We find areas that need improvement or upgrades. Consider if current systems can accommodate the projected growth and demands for the upcoming year. Plan and budget for necessary upgrades to hardware or software to stay competitive and efficient in the market.

Staff Training and Support

December is an ideal time to invest in staff training – especially cybersecurity awareness training -- to ensure everyone is proficient in using the technology stack effectively. Roark provides our clients with guidance on updated software features and uses so planning for the upcoming year yields little surprises.

Compliance and Regulatory Checks

For many of our private equity and hedge fund clients, Roark helps ensure compliance with all relevant federal and state regulations, best practices and cybersecurity safeguards. We perform audits to verify compliance with industry-specific regulations and any changes that might affect year-end planning. We assist with DDQ and compliance reporting.

Document Processes and Procedures

Year-end is an ideal time to review policy and procedure documents to ensure opportunity to make needed changes and start the year off right. Proper policy documentation streamlines the operational aspect of any business and ensures new employees are all acclimated in familiar fashion.

Communication and Planning

We all know communication is key. Collaboration among teams, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, has never been more critical. Year end is an ideal time to develop comprehensive communication plans that integrate technology readiness with business goals.

Preparing a small business's technology stack for a new year requires an integrated approach that encompasses software updates, data security, streamlined processes, staff training, and strategic planning. By focusing on these key areas, Roark Tech Services helps small businesses ensure a seamless year-end transition while laying the groundwork for a successful start to the new year. Investing time and resources into perfecting the technology stack is an investment in the business's efficiency, productivity, and long-term success.


Roark Tech Services has extensive experience supporting and servicing the technological needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We use a standard approach that is based on straight forward, proven solutions. We can help any small business maximize technology investments with solutions that are fit-for-purpose, scalable and resilient. We exclusively offer white glove, personalized technology services and support. Always consult with us first. If your business is not getting the level of personalized IT Support it requires, contact us to understand if our model is a fit for your organization.



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