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Why We Limit the Clients We Take On

Many small businesses often seek growth and expansion as a primary goal. Many believe that taking on as many clients as possible is the key to success. Roark Tech Services, however, believes limiting the number of clients we take on allows us to better serve our base. Our unique business model allows us to weather storms, such as the bust, the 2008 Financial Crisis and COVID, and more easily adapt to changing times.

Today’s post explores the reasons why Roark Tech Services has strategically limited the number of clients we take on.



Enhanced Service Quality

We limit our clients is to ensure the highest quality of service to each one. By keeping a manageable client base, we focus more on each of our individual client's needs. This results in better service, more personalized attention, and higher client satisfaction. We strongly believe, and have built our business on this belief, that high-quality service leads to positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.

Deepening Client Relationships

With fewer clients, Roark Tech Services develops deeper and more meaningful relationships with our clients. These relationships foster trust and loyalty, which are essential for client retention, but they also allow us to understand the nuances of every business we support.

We believe clients that feel valued and understood are more likely to continue using our services and recommend them to others. We count loyalty as a powerful asset, knowing that getting new clients often costs significantly more than keeping an existing one.



Streamlined Operations

Limiting the number of clients we manage means we can streamline our operations significantly. This means we continually improve our processes and procedures without negative impact on our clients. This leads to more efficient workflows, reduced stress for our employees, and fewer errors. Efficient operations are the backbone of any small business, but the benefit is enjoyed by our clients as we deliver services more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Better Resource Allocation

Limiting the number of clients allows us to distribute our resources more effectively. With a concentrated client base, Roark Tech Services invests more in each client, providing higher-quality service. This strategic allocation of resources allows our technicians to respond more quickly and improve their practices, giving us a competitive edge over larger Managed Service Providers that count transactions as their barometer of success.

We Avoid Overextension

We know overextending our staff leads to mistakes and lower service quality. We believe hiring the right people is an investment and treating them well will lead to an ambition to do better, for us, and our clients. By limiting our clients, we keep a more manageable and sustainable level of operation, reducing the risk to us and our clients.



Reduced Workload Stress

Our team spends their day dealing with problems, often reported by someone upset, frustrated and impatient. This can take a toll on anyone, and if stress levels get too high, even the most experienced technicians can become overwhelmed, leading to burnout and decreased productivity. By limiting the client base, Roark Tech Services ensures that our employees always have a manageable workload. This not only improves their job satisfaction but also enhances productivity and the quality of their work.

Focus on Core Competencies

With a limited client base, Roark Tech Services employees focus on what they do best. Our structure ensures the problem at hand is addressed by the best person on the team to tackle that problem, the one with the most experience and ability to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.

This doesn’t mean that no one else on the team is looking at the problem. As a team, we all work to ensure every issue is resolved in the most efficient manner, with a focus on the client experience. We believe this focus on core competencies leads to higher-quality output and more innovative solutions.

We’ve learned that our employees take more pride in their work when they are not spread too thin. This positive work environment contributes to our employee retention and allows us to attract top talent.



Controlled Growth Pace

Limiting the number of clients each year allows Roark Tech Services to grow at a controlled and sustainable pace. We believe rapid expansion is a challenge that compromises our quality of service. Controlled growth ensures that our business can adapt to changes, keep exacting standards, and manage resources effectively. This strategic approach to growth allows our business to gradually become stronger and more resilient.

Focus on Ideal Clients

We select only those clients who align with our business values, needs, and appreciate the services we offer, especially as we make security a primary goal. This leads to more collaborative relationships and allows us to use our ability to address our client’s unique needs and distinguishes Roark Tech Services from the competition. Any small business that refuses to adopt the safeguards and best practices we suggest for cybersecurity is not our ideal client and won’t become a client, and that’s fine by us.



Adaptability to Market Changes

A smaller client base allows Roark Tech Services greater flexibility and quicker adaptation to market changes. We can pivot our strategies more easily without the constraints of a large client load. This agility is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment, where trends and business preferences can change rapidly. Being able to adapt quickly gives us a significant advantage over larger, less flexible competitors.

Encouraging Innovation

With more time and resources available, Roark Tech Services can focus on innovation. Whether it's evaluating fresh solutions, improving services, or exploring new markets, innovation is key to staying competitive. Limiting the number of clients allows us to invest in research and internal development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and creativity.

Improved Business Reputation

While large MSPs offer extensive resources and a wide range of services, boutique MSPs provide significant advantages for small and medium-sized businesses. The personalized service, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, industry expertise, enhanced security, long-term partnership potential, and innovative solutions offered by boutique MSPs make them an ideal choice for SMBs. By partnering with a boutique MSP, SMBs can ensure their IT needs are met in a way that aligns with their unique requirements and business goals, ultimately leading to greater success and growth in a competitive market.


Since 1998 Roark Tech Services has focused exclusively on small and medium-sized businesses, building a strong, reputable brand in this community. Quality service, deep client relationships, and a focus on excellence contribute to our positive reputation. We know a strong brand attracts more of our ideal clients. Brand reputation is a powerful tool that can differentiate our business in a very crowded marketplace.

Limiting the number of clients Roark Tech Services takes on is a conscious business decision that helps our clients. From ensuring high-quality service and deepening client relationships to improving operational efficiency and financial stability, this approach has fostered sustainable growth and long-term success for more than 25 years. Additionally, it’s enhanced our employee satisfaction (our senior technicians have been with us more than fifteen years), encouraged innovation, and strengthened our reputation. While the allure of rapid expansion and a large client base is tempting to some Managed Service Providers, Roark Tech Services is better served by focusing on a manageable number of clients who align with our values and strengths. We believe this strategic focus not only leads to a more resilient business but also paves the way for a thriving and reputable enterprise overall.

If your business is wondering how our quality over quantity model delivers higher quality service and better overall experience, contact us to understand our approach.


Roark Tech Services offers white glove, personalized technology services and support. We are a fit-for-purpose, boutique organization offering technology solutions exclusively for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Always consult with us first.

If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact us.



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