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Know How to Extend the Life of Your IT Equipment and When to Replace It

The global pandemic forced many small businesses to scramble, almost overnight, and come up with a reliable, secure work-from-home setup. Some businesses were more prepared than others, but no matter how good the remote access solution, no one expected the need to last for so long, or that "hybrid" schedules would emerge. Today, in mid 2022 many small business owners needed a solution that allows their workforce to:

  • Work Remotely

  • Work From a Mixture of Devices

  • Work Securely

A lot to consider for a small business with limited IT budgets. Adding more security, data protection, data access, collaboration and communication takes proven solutions, time and money. It’s safe to say, many businesses spent more IT money in 2020 and 2021 than they planned for or wanted. With many now settled into hybrid schedules it’s understandable why it’s tempting to keep IT costs down and stretch the life of what’s in place.

How does a small business know when replacing IT equipment is a “nice to have” versus a mandatory need, possibly impacting security, productivity or communications?

Regular maintenance, proactive monitoring and regular updates help keep IT equipment running smoothly and safely for years. There are circumstances, however, when it is just smart business to invest in new equipment rather than gambling for another year. Knowing when to invest is the tricky part. Roark Tech Services is an expert in all types of IT equipment and can help any small business understand their IT estate to save money yet remain productive and safe. Here are our tips to understand when it may prove wise to invest in new IT equipment.

The best refresh cycle for computers is three-to-four years, but some last much longer. Regular maintenance is extremely important for extending the life of a computer. Upgrading firmware, proper ventilation and keeping it clear of dust will absolutely extend a computer’s useful life between five and seven years. A laptop is slightly different because they become less capable of running advanced applications as they age. With proper maintenance a laptop can remain useful between three and five years.

Understanding if the cost of issue resolution, the ability to remain secure and needed maintenance outweighs the cost of a new device is key to knowing when it's time to replace a piece of hardware.

Running a business is difficult enough. Running a business on outdated hardware is not only risky, but eventually more expensive. All IT hardware needs maintenance and preventive measures on a regular basis, but even the best of care can only extend their useful life. Replacement is always in the future at some point. It’s also important to keep in mind any expected company changes and how technology needs may change and grow in coming years. Often the best time to replace a piece of outdated hardware is a move to a new office or during a slow season.


Roark Tech Services is well positioned to make the best suggestions and recommendations for our clients when it comes to hardware upgrades. Always consult with us first.  If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact us.

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