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Cybersecurity: The Human Element

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that want their employees to practice proper cybersecurity -- and truly help protect the company from escalating cyber threats -- must go beyond routine training on password security and best practices. Training is an important tool that keeps everyone aware of the need for things like complex passwords, identifying phishing scams and the threats of ransomware attacks, but training is not enough, awareness Is key! Cybercrime evolves nearly as fast as new technologies do. While new tools and solutions, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), are trying to keep up and automate protection, hackers know the weakest defense is the unsuspecting employees who remain convinced cyber criminals don't want anything their company has. To ensure maximum protection against cybercrime, gaining employee buy-in to cybersecurity measures is a must.

Explain The Relevance

Employees that trust you and your leadership tend to buy into the importance of cybersecurity procedures. Once employees understand the threats, potential consequences and impact to them and the company, they are more likely to adopt and accept the best practices that help keep the company safe. When employees don't understand the big picture, they tend to ignore security practices and complain about the inconvenience imposed by protocols and procedures.

Provide Context

Providing context to why cybersecurity procedures matters is a powerful motivator for employees to embrace compliance. Take the conversation from "you must do this" to something they can relate to and will want to participate in. It's important for employees to know how cybersecurity affects not only their work environment, but their home environment as well. It may save a minute or two to bypass “annoying” security procedures but could end up costing far more in the end.

Encourage Employees To Report Incidents

We're all very busy, and usually crazed with deadlines and deliverables. Sophisticated attacks attempt to take advantage and fool people into making a mistake, such as quickly opening a file or clicking a link. Even CEOs and CIOs fall for this. No one is beyond risk, but that risk is mitigated with more awareness and understanding of best practices and safeguards. When someone does “fall” for an attack, it's important that company culture does not interpret this as something to remain ashamed of. Employees should feel comfortable and free from punishment if they report a clicked linked or opened file. The faster the company can respond to a mistake, the better the chance there Is to control the damage. In fact, it's a good idea to reward an employee for speaking up and reporting.


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