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How to Build an Effective Cybersecurity Plan

Research shows that small businesses with fewer than 100 employees are the target of 71% of cyberattacks. This means cyber criminals know the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain and focus their efforts on the population that will yield a reward: Small and Medium-sized businesses

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the theft of digital information is now the most widely reported type of fraud, even more so than the theft of physical items. But, aside from simply stealing information, threat actors use ransomware to obtain easy money. They hold a network hostage until a ransom is paid. They won’t ask an SMB for millions of dollars, they'll ask for a workable amount, but enough to cause significant inconvenience. In many cases, it’s much easier for the SMB to pay the ransom, avoid embarrassment, and move on.

The SMB community doesn’t run on the same scale as large corporations and it’s for this reason a more precise understanding of the threats is needed to protect from the increasing threats.

It all starts with a robust cybersecurity plan

A Small Business cybersecurity plan is a document that details the security controls, policies, safeguards, procedures, people, and countermeasures to protect a small business from cyber threats. The goal, of course, is to not only put enough protection in place to stop an attack, but to know who does what when one occurs.

A Small Business cybersecurity plan doesn’t require sophistication or complexity to remain practical and effective. A lot depends on the type of business, the sensitivity of information and if the business is regulated at the State or Federal level. Roark Tech Services takes cybersecurity very seriously.

Listed below are our recommended steps to develop an effective SMB Cybersecurity Plan.

The rapid pace of technology is clear in all aspects of business. Advances in mobility, social media, and cloud computing are changing the way companies interact with customers and clients and how customers and clients interact with service providers. For the Small Business community, these technological advancements bring opportunity, growth, and productivity, but it also exposes new risks.


It takes one small business to understand the needs, challenges, and requirements of another small business. Roark Tech Services takes pride in our exclusive focus on the small and medium-sized businesses. Our twenty-five years of experience, offering white-glove service exclusively, allows the greatest understanding of what any small business needs and just how to deliver it with cost-effective execution.

If you don’t have an IT Partner that you trust knows the unique challenges of your SMB and just how to supply the right level of service and support, we’d love to help. Contact Us.



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