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Business Phone Systems

Today’s small businesses require business phone systems that are flexible, feature rich and support a work-from-anywhere model. 

VoIP, or cloud-based, phone systems have largely replaced traditional landlines in the post-Covid business settings. Modern phone service providers offer unified communications across phone, video, chat, and text with key software integrations that help small and medium-sized businesses make better use of every communication device. 


There are many factors to consider when choosing a business phone system, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. 


A primary consideration is the functionality and features needed to satisfy business requirements. While some businesses need standard features, such as voicemail, others require expanded functions, such as an automated attendant and on-hold music. 


Either way, unified communications is a strategic tool for every business competing today. Integration with mobile phones, video conferencing and work-from-anywhere features drive the solutions available today. 


Roark Tech Services has experience with all the leading providers in today’s market. We can help set up a small business quickly and efficiently, including porting the numbers to the new provider. 

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