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Technology Owner's Representation

Complete Owner’s Representation across all technology needs with oversite and coordination of vendors, Owner’s quality standards and budget.

As an Owner’s Technology Representative, we advocate for the Owner’s needs, goals and support during a new build-out, renovation or complete technology refresh. We provide complete program management oversight and coordination of all technology needs including Audio Visual, IT Infrastructure, Security and Post Implementation Support. From the Owner’s perspective we ensure all technology-related aspects are delivered on schedule, on budget and meets the Owner’s quality standards.

  • Centralized management and accountability for all technology aspects of the project

  • Independent Owner advocacy for needs, quality and cost

  • Project-specific expertise that translates project language for Owner interpretation

  • Enforcement of the Owner’s priorities to move the project forward with confidence

  • Coordinate document preparation, processing and review that saves Owner’s time

Our twenty-four years of experience affords us extensive relationships with vendors, suppliers and design teams, permitting significant advantage to the Owner, including:

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