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Zoom Security - Best Practices

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

On Wednesday, April 8, Zoom introduced new security measures to protect users.

These new measures include:

  • All security features are now grouped together in one spot for meeting hosts and co-hosts, providing easier access.

  • Meeting IDs are no longer posted in the Zoom toolbar; it will just say "Zoom".

Our team is constantly testing to identify the latest security challenges, changes and best practices to keep you safe.

Please review our short list of Zoom meeting best practices and reach out to us with any questions you may have.

When scheduling a meeting, choose the correct settings.

1. Use a Unique Meeting ID for every meeting

This prevents uninvited guests from joining a meeting with a previous code.

Use your personal meeting code only for internal meetings.

2. Assign A Password to Every Meeting

This will ensure only those with the credentials can enter your meeting.  

3. Enable Waiting Room

This feature allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting. As the meeting host, you can admit attendees one by one or hold all attendees in the waiting room and admit them all at once.

4. Lock Down the Meeting Once Everyone Is Inside

Once participants arrive at your meeting, click the security icon on the screen to prevent unwanted guests from joining.

5. Share Meeting Details Only with Those Trusted

Never post meeting details on social media and only share through direct channels, such as email. 

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