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The Internet of Things (IoT): Security

Updated: Mar 7

It’s coming and no matter how you feel about it, we are all rapidly hurdling toward a point-in-time when the everyday items we interact with -- the locks on our doors, motion and temperature sensors, employee access control and, of course, the audible and visual content we consume – will all interact with the Internet and use real-time information to provide you an ever-increasing on-demand experience.

Although these devices offer convenience and ease, it remains the responsibility of the business owner to ensure the safety and security of the Internet-connected devices in their offices.

Part 1: Security

It Could All Come Down to a Light Bulb. That’s right, a light bulb!

In the past, intruders could only break into a building by physically smashing a window or breaking a lock, now they can gain access through a light bulb.

Alarms and closed-circuit video protect against physical intruders, but it's equally important to protect smart systems and devices such as voice controlled devices compatible with Alexa for Business or the next big thing.


One way to protect your data is to employ a full-service internet security suite. Don’t rely on a free antivirus program to protect you from a cyber-attack. Many of the leading companies, such as Norton, Bitdefender, McAfee and Kaspersky, for example, provide real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses, and help protect private and financial information when you go online.



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