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Remote Learning Cybersecurity Best Practices

As September approaches and families gear up for another school year, there is much uncertainty in the air and this year’s return to school will look nothing like the past.  With school openings and schedules predicated on variable factors, such as the percent of positive COVID tests in the community, there’s no telling how long students will have access to school buildings.

One thing that is certain is that many students across the country will spend most of the day learning remotely.  

This month we’ll share our best practices to keep your kids safe and productive as they learn from home.

Place Computers in A Common Area of The House.

Don’t allow kids to have a computer in their bedroom. Make sure the computer screen is visible from other parts of the room and isn’t turned toward a wall. This will help reduce distraction, such as the temptation to check social media during online class.

Set Reasonable Time and Usage Limits

Set rules about what your child can and can't do while online. Set time limits on their computer use, especially during learning hours.  Invest in a device like Circle, from Disney, that pairs with your home network (wireless or wired) and allows you to manage every connected device. Using an app on your mobile device you can use it to control internet access for every device on the network.



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