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Outsourcing IT: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

That is the question all small businesses should ask as planning for the New Year begins.

Every business owner faces hundreds, if not thousands of important decisions that have direct bearing on the heath, grown and efficiency of their business.

For example,

  • Do you hire an Account Executive to service existing clients so you can find new ones?

  • Do you secure new clients and then hire someone to service them?

  • Do you buy the next level accounting software or do you outsource to an accounting firm that has the software?

When it comes to IT, the choices are no less complicated.

As a small business with a limited budget what do you really need and how do you manage it?

Most successful business owners credit their good fortune to their focus on the area they know best, allowing the experts in their respective fields to not only assume the responsibility, but the accountability as well. When you outsource IT, you shift the responsibility of IT architecture, cyber security, disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud services and scalability to an experts, leaving you free to focus you and your resources on the core competencies that drive your business value.

Not all Tech Companies are “Service” companies, Exceptional Customer Service, Trustworthiness, Proven Expertise and Alignment with your long-term goals are just a few of the hallmarks of a professional and effective Managed Service Provider.

Outsourcing Basics: Part 1: Customer Service

Good customer service is not simply answering the phone when someone calls. It’s working as a partner to team up and identify solutions that are right for the business. And no two businesses are alike.

When choosing an IT partner, consider the following.

  • 24/7 emergency support across all time zones

  • And ability to speak with a representative who understands your goals, issues, risk tolerance and budget in order to effectively offer solutions that are fit for purpose.

  • Multiple ways to connect with a human who can address your issue and set your expectations.

  • The ability to avoid long term commitments or obligations, envn in the face of poor service



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