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NYC UNPAUSED + IT: What you need to do now to be ready for the next phase.

On June 8, New York City moved into Phase 1 of reopening with construction, curbside retail + manufacturers returning to work. If NYC continues to meet New York State benchmarks for the next two weeks, then offices, in-store retail, real estate services and salons will open their doors.

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to note that staff won't return to work under normal conditions. If NYC fails to meet COVID-19 benchmarks not only will Phase 2 delay, but Phase 1 may even reverse. IT Managers need to prepare to move people back the office and at the same time remain ready to support another period of Work-From-Home users.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind as employees return to the office.

Digital Cleanse

Ensure devices, such as laptops, phones or any other equipment that will plug into the network, are virus and malware free. Use trusted programs to scan for viruses, malware and missing updates. If you’re not sure which tools are best, contact us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Clear the Cobwebs

Dust off desktops that have been sitting idle for months. Excessive dust in a computer can cause a variety of heat-related issues. Dust that collects on components, such as memory modules, insulates them, preventing the air from the computer's fans from drawing the heat away. This can cause sudden failure of critical parts and pieces in the body of your computer.

Security Settings

Enforce our Cybersecurity Best Practices. Ensure your firewall, Virtual Private Network and Multi Factor Authentication are setup, working and ready for use.

Focus on Agility

As employees shift back into working from the office, don’t abandon remote-collaboration solutions and policies. The switch back to remote working might prove necessary in the near term. It may also prove a useful tool for employees and an efficient way to keep your Business Continuity practices in good shape. When (not if) another significant issue affects your business, remaining prepared is half the solution.

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