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Managed IT Services: It's Not Just For Large Corporations

In an ever-increasing world of connectivity, the value of Managed IT Services for small-and-medium-sized businesses once considered a luxury is quickly becoming mission critical. With the shift to remote working and now the shift back to office and hybrid work arrangements, reliance on devices, services and various communication tools means that down time comes at great expense. Managed IT is a proactive solution to keep your IT infrastructure safe and efficient, with minimized down time. The historical, alternative to Managed IT Service is a reactive solution known as the break-fix” approach. Under the "break-fix" model, when a business experiences a problem with technology, they call an IT expert and attempt to explain the issue, but usually relay the symptoms that are impacting productivity – “I can’t get my e-mail”. If an easy fix isn’t immediately rendered, the result is almost always downtime. Managed IT Services, on the other hand, offer constant and consistent monitoring of your systems with the goal of preventing failures before they happen. Comprehensive monitoring coupled with routine maintenance means the IT Service Provider can see what’s going on and fix it before there is impact to productivity. Of course, like anything else, there are pros and cons to Managed IT Services. Deciding what is best for your small business requires careful consideration of not only where the business is today, but where it’s going tomorrow. This month we’ll discuss some of the top business and financial benefits of Managed IT Services.

Predictable Cost Managed IT Service reduces cost and makes your IT expenses more predictable. With Managed IT Services, the IT provider has the accountability to ensure expenses are under the most favorable terms, are not redundant and are indeed necessary for business operation and productivity.

A business can all set a fixed, monthly or annual cost for IT Services to ensure predictability. Typically, under and MSP agreement the IT Service provider is responsible for the scheduled maintenance, which means the interconnectivity of all hardware, services, security and functionality are routinely examined, kept up-to-date and remain in good operational order. This helps to protect your budget from extreme fluctuations and contributing overall to the stability of your business.


Managed Service Providers typically employ talent across a broader range of technologies and depth of experience. This means when a certain problem arises at your small business, you can draw on the right talent and expertise to address the problem in the most expedient fashion. This could fall anywhere from configuring a firewall to negotiating with a vendor for better pricing or terms. With the increasing pace of technology changes, the burden of training technicians falls to the MSP, rather than your business. Even with a “resident IT expert” inside the company has knowledge gaps that go beyond the intricacies of today’s technology. An MSP provides specialized services to fill those gaps. Our team is constantly testing to identify the latest security challenges, changes and best practices to keep you safe and informed. We are always ready to assist you. Contact us.

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