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How to Reduce Reliance on Tech Support: Back-up Data

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

One of the most critical elements to business security is a properly configured, maintained and validated backup system in place that covers all essential data required to operate the business.

Whether defending yourself from the ever-growing ransomware attacks or recovering from a natural disaster; a backup is the best means to protect your company’s ability to continue operations.

When determining what to backup, think about what’s needed to run the entire business from scratch. If the business were to relocate today, what data is critical to launch?

Once it is understood WHAT to backup, the next step is HOW to securely back it up. A local backup is a good start, but if damage affects the site, it may prove useless. If a ransomware attack encrypts data, this may extend to a local backup.

The safest way to ensure business continuity after a disaster or ransomware attack is to backup off-site, such as the cloud.

Setting a schedule for daily, off-site backups ensures a reliable copy of your data, but more importantly, a means to keep your business operating while everyone is figuring how to address the disaster or cyber breach.



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