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How to Reduce Reliance on Tech Support: Voice Private Network (VPN)

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Thanks to technology like high-speed Internet and mobile phones, working from home is increasingly easier. As more companies offer flexible commuting policies the remote job market is spreading beyond the traditional fields of computer technology or customer service. Under the right circumstances employees can prove more productive when given flexibility and employers enjoy lower overhead.

Many small businesses allow employees to access their company e-mail or network resources from their personal devices. Open Wi-Fi networks, increasingly found at restaurants, coffee shops and transportation hubs, are an ideal place for hackers to plant the seed for future entry. It’s only a matter of time before an employee makes a mistake that compromises your company network and data – or worse, your client’s data stored on your network!

Adopting a software tool, such as Virtual Private Network (‘VPN”) app for mobile devices can significantly help to lower the risk of cybercrime when an employee uses a public Wi-Fi. Using multi-factor identification is another tool that, while a bit inconvenient, can offer a much higher degree of security and provide an extra layer of protection that just may make the difference.



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