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How to Reduce Reliance on Tech Support: Passwords

Updated: Mar 9

Research indicates that over 65% of small businesses in America do not enforce safe password policies. With day-to-day business management and the desire to get things done quickly, password protection often falls by the wayside. Additionally, employees resist changing passwords and get frustrated when policies are in place that require a minimum length, special characters, numbers, letters and prevent the use of a previous password. This makes hackers very happy since they are constantly looking for ways to attack data and weak passwords provide easy entry.

Replacing passwords with “pass-phrases” is a great way to get employee buy-in to security protocols and more importantly, reduce the chance of getting hacked because of a weak password.

Ideally your pass phrase should include:

  • At least five words mixed with numbers and special characters

  • At least 19 characters

  • Something personal and easy to remember

And your pass phrase should never include:

  • Famous or well-known song lyrics or sayings, movie lines or book titles

  • Do not use anything easily found in a book of quotations, an online quotation compiler, or that can be easily googled.



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