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How to Keep Kids Safe Online - Part 4

This last installment of our series provides steps you and our children can take to ensure online safety.

Remove Remote Control Software

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) found in every modern version of Windows and OS is designed to let users remotely connect to a computer over a network connection. If you work with a trusted IT partner, you know they only need one tool to permit remote maintenance. If you don’t work with a trusted IT partner, remove all remote-control applications from your children’s devices to avoid unwanted and dangerous connections.

Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Strong Passwords

Passwords are one of the biggest weak spots in the whole internet security structure, but there's currently no way around them. The problem with passwords is that people tend to choose easy ones to remember (such as "password" and "123456"), which are also easy for cyber thieves to guess.

Replacing passwords with “pass-phrases” is a great way reduce the chance of getting hacked because of a weak password.

Ideally your pass phrase should include:

  • At least five words mixed with numbers and special characters

  • At least 19 characters

  • Something personal and easy to remember

And your pass phrase should never include:

  • Famous or well-known song lyrics or sayings, movie lines or book titles

  • Do not use anything easily found in a book of quotations, or an online quotation compiler

A password manager, such as 1password or LastPass, can help you to manage multiple passwords so that you don't forget them.



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