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How to Keep Kids Safe Online

If you have children, nieces, nephews, grand children or friends with children, you understand the desperate desire to keep them safe when they venture online, whether through the new game they received this holiday season or just surfing the Internet out of curiosity. The most frustrating aspect of this desperate desire is the black hole of endless things we must concern ourselves with and the impossible task of keeping up with the latest tech trends. It’s overwhelming, truly! If you’re thinking you had the needed conversations with your kids about “stranger danger” and they’re grasping most of it, “Ok Boomer”, they’re already know when it comes to tech, they are much more versed than you.  That translates into an over confidence that they can keep themselves “cyber-safe”.  So, what can you do? Here are some effective measures you can take right now to mitigate the chances of unwanted people connecting with your kids: Place Computers in A Common Area of The House. Don’t allow kids to have a computer in their bedroom. Make sure the computer screen is visible from other parts of the room and isn’t turned toward a wall. Kids know! Set Reasonable Time and Usage Limits Set rules about what your child can and can't do when on the internet. Set time limits on their computer use. Invest in a device like Circle, from Disney, that pairs with your home network (wireless or wired) and allows you to manage every connected device. Using an app on your mobile device you can use it to control internet access for every device on the network.



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