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How to Build a Cyber Security Plan: Part 1

Don’t believe because you’re a small business that cybercriminal and hackers will skip over you in favor of the bigger fish. The idea that you don’t have anything valuable to steal is common among small business owners and certainly the posture that hackers are hoping to find. If you think your business is too small or insignificant to tempt a cybercriminal, think again. They are not always seeking money, although if they secure your banking information it’s a welcome bonus. Hackers want information, such as customer names and contact information.

A solid Cyber Security Plan is a proactive way to protect your digital assets. It's also one that small businesses often fail to implement because they don't know where to begin.

This month we'll provide a step-by-step guide to laying the foundation for a comprehensive and effective cybersecurity plan.

Part 1: Gather Data

This includes

  • Customer data - account records, transaction accountability and financial information, contact and address information, purchasing history, buying habits and preferences

  • Employee information - payroll files, direct payroll account bank information, Social Security numbers, home addresses and phone numbers, work and personal email addresses.

  • Company information - company financial records, marketing plans, product designs, and federal and state tax records.

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