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Devices Settings to Minimize Distractions + Maximize Productivity

If you’re like most people it’s tough to resist dings, buzzes and bells belted out by your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and other devices. According to a Duke University study, the average person gets between 65 and 80 notifications a day, most from a mobile device. If you work an 8-hour day that translates to ten notifications per hour, representing a challenge for even the most disciplined among us who want to stay focused. 

There are many apps available that claim ability to increase your productivity, but in the end it’s the simple things that help the most.

Here are our best practices for balancing the need for information with the need to focus.

Do Not Turn Off Notifications

Yes, you read that right. The Duke study also found that turning off notifications completely made people feel stressed and worried about what they were missing, also known as FOMO or the “Fear of Missing Out”. Further research indicates that giving people notifications in three batches during the day made them happier than getting them once an hour or not at all.  This goes for social media and email. If something is truly urgent, the message will come via text or phone call. 

A few adjustments to your settings could make you happier and more productive. Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Set a Schedule for Checking Social Media

Social Media is designed to monetize your attention.  FOMO is a strong motivator and it can often make you feel compelled to check your social feeds every five minutes.

Breaks are a necessary part of any workday to reboot your brain and improve overall efficiency. Use your break time to scroll through your feeds if you can’t wait to the end of the day but remain disciplined enough not to get lost of caught up in the feeds. 

Disable Auto Logins

Log out of all of your social media sites and turn off auto-log-in. The few seconds it will take to you log back in is enough time to think about how to best use your time.

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