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COVID-19 Working + Learning from Home: Can your home network handle the extra load?

The COVID-19 pandemic is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation that will continue to impact our daily lives for an extended period of time. With many companies asking employees to work from home and schools closing in favor of technology assisted remote learning, you need to make sure your home network is up-and-running and ready to meet the challenge.

In addition to streaming media, video chatting and email usage, you need to make sure your network can handle increased usage, particularly video conferencing. Zoom and GoToMeeting are popular video applications used widely by businesses for video conferencing and schools for distance learning. They are cost effective and user friendly, but take up a lot of bandwidth that can easily slow down or crash your home network.

In addition to appropriate bandwidth from you ISP, here are some quick tips to protect against crashes:

  • Customize your collaboration tool's video settings to stream at a lower bit-rate; this allows more users to stream simultaneously

  • .If you have unlimited data plan, use your smart phone as a hot-spot for non-video functions such as email and text.

  • Review this summary about Internet bandwidth needed for various tasks.

If you need help figuring out your current set-up, are having trouble or need help interpreting a school's instruction on remote learning, contact us and one of our techs will walk you through the process.

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