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Cost Savings for Small Businesses Through Technology: The Cloud

Simply put, cloud computing enables an individual or global organization to avoid investment in physical infrastructure —including servers, storage, databases, networking and software – in favor of a “pay as you go” model. 

This translates into greater flexibility (up and down) based on need, built-in ubiquitous access and payment for only the services actually used. There is no compromise to security, privacy or control.

Here are just a few ways migrating to the cloud can help your small business save money.


The most obvious benefit of migrating to the cloud is that it alleviates the need to purchase a server, as well as the power, cooling and real estate a physical server requires.  Reliable, secure primary and redundant servers are expensive and have a limited life span.  If set up properly, the cloud, provides appropriate storage in a secure environment at a fraction of the cost. 

Pay as you go

Most cloud providers use a pay-as-you-go model meaning that businesses are charged based on only what they use.  This keeps costs low by eliminating unused resources, unnecessary purchases and allowing you to test solutions or programs without needing to fully commit to them.

Software Savings

The upfront cost of licensing and price of constant upgrades is eliminated, since cloud solitons are based on per-user costs with automatic upgrades. 

If you’re not happy with the software, you can cancel the service and are not stuck with a software package you paid for but cannot use. 

Flexibility and Mobility

The cloud allows users to access data and applications from any location and any computing device at any time.  If we’ve learned one thing in 2020 it’s that the ability to work remotely is something that went from “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” in order for a business to remain up and running in the most extreme circumstances. 

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