Small businesses receive hundreds of thousands of threats from a variety of sources each year, risking data, confidential client information, financial information or even personal information. These threats are designed to avoid detection and compromise your company’s data. Roark Tech Services offers a complete suite of solutions that work together to secure your data and prevent cyber-attacks.

Policies and Procedures

Cyber Security requires certain policies that keep employees aware of the latest threats and how to best protect themselves and the firm from malicious hackers. A formal Data Leakage Prevention (“DLP”) policy for email, data and remote access is essential.

Technology Solutions

Roark Tech Services employs the latest technology to keep your business safe.This includes: Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Encryption, Firewall Defense, Boundary Defense, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Data Governance and Mobile Device Management.

Threat Management

Roark Tech Services uses a broad range of cost-effective methods to protect your small business, including: Network Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Web Filtering, Next Generation Firewalls, Data Encryption and Reporting.


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